We're all ears - a short history of the ear cuff

Posted on June 03, 2015 by ROSARIA SURIANO

Ear cuffs have been making a huge impact lately, with fashionistas and celebs embracing the trend, but where did they start?

Ear cuffs have a long history in the world of jewellery, with sources dating back to 350 BC when they were known as 'Kafa's'.  More recently, the jewellery designer Marcel Boucher patented the 'earrite' in America during the 1950's - adorning the ears of the rich and famous with his glamorous, diamond encrusted creations.



Marcel Boucher's ' earrite ' paved the way for the modern ear cuff.


Marilyn Monroe embraced the glamorous trend.


Ear cuffs again faded out of the collective conscious of the fashion forward, until the 2010's with a huge resurgence on the red carpet and the runway. At Derby Day 2013, Lara Bingle caused a fashion sensation when she stepped out in a custom made, crystal encrusted ear cuff by Sarina Suriano, and we've never looked back.


Take a look at some of our favourite styles pictured below.


Image courtesy of Viva luxury blog.

Viva luxury blog shows us minimal elegance with our delicate Vitis crystal ear cuffs.


 Margaret Zhang turns heads in our iconic Aries Charm crystal ear cuff.


Anna Bamford channels her inner goddess with our Sparkling Ternafolium ear cuff and stud. 

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