Knit one, pearl one? Modern styling for a luxe pearl look

Posted on July 16, 2015 by ROSARIA SURIANO

Where would little girls dress ups be without strings of their grandmother’s pearls and lipsticks?

Gone are the days where pearls were reserved only for ladies of leisure in knitted sweaters and white gloves. The new age of pearls are contemporary, luxurious and add a touch of glamour to even the most casual look. 


As the flawless Jackie Kennedy said “Pearls are always appropriate!”


So what determines a high quality pearl piece? The value of jewelled pearls is determined by a number of variables including lustre, colour, size, symmetry and a lack of flaws. Lustre and size are of the highest importance to jewellers and perfectly rounded pearls are the rarest and most valuable.


While traditional pearl necklaces focused on pearls all being the same size and shape, contemporary styles mix pearl sizes with luxe jewels. By mixing pearls and crystals in both black, white and metal tones, these pieces create a sophisticated and contemporary look. Pioneering this change in the way women wore pearls; Coco Chanel began creating accessories from imitation pearls and jewels from the 1930’s. It was through creating beautiful yet affordable jewelry that women had more freedom to accessorise their every outfit and experiment with their style.

Channel your favourite street style maven and layer these statement pieces with a monochrome or neutral toned outfit for a chic look, after all;  


“You can’t ever go wrong with pearls. Perhaps pearls are a girl’s best friend after all.” – Ki Hackney


Which pearl look best describes your style?  


Elegant, feminine & classic - Annabelle Fleur from The Viva Luxury Blog wears Crystal Orbis pearl bangle


Modernist - Tanja Gacic from My Empirical Life blog pairs our Stella Crintita pearl ear cuffs with her  graphic look.



Sophisticated -  Annabelle Fleur from The Viva Luxury Blog, pairs Stella Crinita ear cuffs &  Sagittarius Astris dark grey pearl ring with her stylish neutral & monochrome look



Sleek style - your statement style is modern, clean & minimal luxe.  (Erin wears Spherical Splendida ear cuff & stud, Lustrous Oculous palm cuff & Taurus Twilight collar necklace)
Image by Natalia Horinkova for iMUTE magazine editorial "Erin"



Rock Chic - a darker detail is your style go to (Bree wears Luna Kingdom ear cuff & stud in dark grey pearl)
Image by BriAnne Wills for onemag US editorial "Winter Hues"



70's Modern - this is denim done differently. (Hannah Holman pairs her vintage denim with our Sagittarius Astris white pearl ring)
Image by Jordan Graham for Elle Australia Magazine editorial "Blue Print"



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