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Posted on July 23, 2015 by ROSARIA SURIANO

Since Carol Channing and Marilyn Monroe sung about Diamonds being a girl’s best friend in the 1950’s, diamonds have always taken center stage when it comes to glamour and luxury. Well not any more!


 My Empirical Life wearing the Lumina Drop Earrings


Stealing the show in recent times are artful designs featuring white and clear crystals, specifically the renowned gemstones by Swarovski. Since 1965, Swarovski has catered to the fashion and lifestyle industries, supplying the finest precision-cut genuine and created gemstones. Swarovski crystals have become a status symbol within themselves with designers across the globe flocking to create with their sparkling crystals.


 Sarina Suriano handmade with Swarovski crystal Mink Couture Capelet


Crystals were first thought to be discovered some 27,000 years ago and have long been symbols of status and wealth stemming back to the ancient civilizations of Greece and Italy. It was originally believed that clear and white crystals were water that had frozen so deeply that they would always remain solid, which resulted in the word ‘crystal’ being derived from the Greek word for ice.



Throughout the ages, crystals have been revered for healing and spiritual rituals with ancient Indian cultures being the first to use crystals in the system of chakras. In more contemporary times, crystals are still being utilized in healing and wellbeing practices, but just as equally in a purely ornamental manner.


  Aries Charm Ear Cuff (Left) & Vintage Spray Ear Cuff (Right)


Whether they are adorning your body in traditional jewel placements or you're trying something a little new like crystal encrusted shoes or clothing, you are sure to make a luxurious statement with crystal pieces. Add a touch of sparkle to your look and shine from dusk til dawn!


Nadia Fairfax wearing the Lumina Drop Earrings


Lumina Collar Necklace & Purus Bracelet



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