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Posted on October 22, 2015 by ROSARIA SURIANO


Looking for something special to complete your bridal style? A luxurious, yet minimalistic pearl piece is not only a flawless addition to your special day, but it is also a piece you will enjoy for years to come.


Lustrous Oculous Pearl Palm Cuff  (Image via Brooke Adams)


Long revered for their elegance and timeless beauty, the new age of pearl jewellery is modern yet classic. Combining crystals and Rhodium metals with Swarovski pearls as in the Sarina Suriano Omnis Collection, there is something to suit every unique style. Whether your look is romantic, sophisticated, contemporary or ethereal, adding a pearl highlight will elegantly complete your bridal style.


Emily Highfield wears the Sparkling Caelum Palm Cuff & Luna Kingdom Ear Cuff



If it is sophistication that you’re looking for, the Lustrous Oculous Pearl Palm Cuff and the Sparkling Caelum Palm Cuff are refined and contemporary styles that ooze sophistication. These styles are perfect for a fitted look and with the sleek lines of the Lustrous Oculous Palm Cuff and the Sparkling Caelum Palm Cuff, it will be the ultimate chic bridal look. 


Lustrous Oculous Pearl Palm Cuff  (Image via Brooke Adams)



Splendoris Mars Pearl Headband (Image Via Street Smith)



When wanting something a little more romantic, the ethereal Zodiac Pearl Headpiece and the Splendoris Mars Pearl Headband are structured and whimsical styles that are a contemporary alternative to a bridal veil.


Courtney Chirnside Wears the Zodiac Headpiece (Photography by Courts Illfield, Dress by Casey Tanswell)



Choosing a pearl piece for your special day will be a style that you can treasure years to come. No longer do your bridal jewels need to be tucked away in a drawer out of sight after your special day; the modern styles in the Omnis Collection work flawlessly into your weekly wardrobe so you can enjoy them day in and day out.


Courtney Chirnside Wears the Zodiac Headpiece (Photography by Courts Illfield, Dress by Casey Tanswell)



From left to right - Crystal Orbis NecklaceMoonrise Pearl Nail Ring, Sparkling Caelum Pearl Palm Cuff & Stella Crinita Pearl Ear Cuffs


As Jackie O said,

“Pearls are always appropriate.”

When looking for the ultimate romantic yet modern Bridal jewel, take a look at the Omnis Collection for all our pearl styles.






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